About Devon Health Services

As leaders in the managed care marketplace, our mission is to provide quality healthcare solutions and expert guidance and customer support for our clients and providers in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Since our inception we have been providing clients with affordable access to a quality Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

With new ownership we are embracing this new beginning and taking steps to offer greater care and services throughout the region.

To achieve this we will:

  • Offer quality cost-effective healthcare management products with superior access to care and deep savings.
  • Provide excellent administrative and customer service that exceeds client and provider expectations while maintaining the highest privacy standards.
  • Leverage advanced information technology to create a seamless flow of services for our clients.
  • Continue to develop and offer innovative services as an added benefit of membership.
  • Patients
    • Providing affordable access to quality care
  • Providers
    • Supporting superior healthcare and quicker reimbursements
  • Services
    • Securing Deep Discounts to lower healthcare costs